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March 21, 2018

Holiday Estate Plan

While discussing death during this season of good tidings and joy may seem like a stretch, there is actually a very natural connection between estate planning and this season of giving and new beginnings. That’s because estate planning, at its core, is a gift. And as we begin to plan for the New Year while […]

March 21, 2018

Time To Give Thanks

     Thanksgiving is an incredible holiday because of its potential to change how we experience life and the world.  Unfortunately, this potential can be lost due to all of the hub-bub associated with getting ready for the rest of the holiday season. So before shopping gets too far underway and the holiday decorations go […]

November 14, 2017

To Tell or not to Tell…

Once you have an estate plan in place, you may be wondering whether you should share the plan with those most impacted by it? This is an extremely personal decision that everyone has to make for themselves, but here are some things to consider: Is there anything outside the ordinary in your giving? This could […]

September 21, 2017

Love & Marriage

We at the Meyerson Law Firm have the privilege of working alongside some pretty great people. One of those people is Liz. Liz joined the Meyerson team in October of 2014. If you have been a client with us since then, you have undoubtedly worked with Liz. She is queen of the calendar and helps […]

August 11, 2017

Organ Donation- Who decides if you don’t?

Arizona law is clear that if someone expressed opposition to organ donation during their lifetime, no one has the authority to authorize a donation of their organs or tissues after their death. But what if a person was silent on the issue? As is the case with many areas of the law, if a person’s […]

May 15, 2017

Caring For Your Aging Parents

Caring For Your Aging Parents During the planning process, many of our clients express concern over the planning (or lack thereof) done by their parents and what impact that might have on them. As is the case with younger clients, proactive planning is always better than reactive planning. While a will or trust may be […]